Welcome to Cortical Connections 2021

Cortical Connections 2021 is an internationally recognized scientific event created to discuss developmental malformations of the corpus callosum with both scientific community and the lay public, including non-governmental organizations and Family Groups connected to the cause. The event will be held online over six days, June 27 – July 2, 2021, bringing together doctors, researchers of scientific relevance from a wide range of areas of knowledge, other clinicians, and individuals with callosal malformations and their families. The conference is organized by the International Research Consortium for the Corpus Callosum and Cerebral Connectivity (IRC5).

Event Structure

Series on Scientific Studies of Corpus Callosum Dysgenesis - 27th June to 1st July (8pm – 9:15pm GMT*)
Two scientific experts present current research on callosal dysgenesis (DCC) related the topic of the day, followed by an interactive discussion of these presentations and related research. Presentations and discussion in English.
Series on Living with Corpus Callosum Dysgenesis - 27th June to 1st July (9:30pm – 10:45pm GMT*)
Expert clinician-scientists answer questions commonly asked by people living with callosal dysgenesis, followed by an interactive discussion of questions raised by attendees. Pre-recorded presentations by experts in English with translations available. Live discussion in English.
Awareness Day Celebration – 2nd July The last day will be dedicated to celebrate the DCC Awareness Day, co-hosted by IRC5 and The Bridge. There will be simultaneous virtual rooms addressing specific topics related to the DCC and facilitating interaction among the international DCC community.
Virtual Poster Session - 27th June to 2nd July  Throughout the six days of event, there will be a gallery of scientific posters covering the following topics about corpus callosum dysgenesis and related developmental brain malformations. Attendees will be able to contact and interact with the authors at any time. See detailed information here.
* Session times were scheduled to favor the simultaneous participation of people from different countries,

About IRC5

The consortium is composed of scientists and clinicians from around the world striving to make major discoveries that will make a significant difference to the lives of individuals with brain malformations. All of these activities occur in a highly collaborative manner to accelerate research and promote data sharing and to also preserve the progress made by individual investigators and prior collaborative arrangements. More information at here.

Our Aims for Cortical Connections 2021 

  • Create a virtual environment to foster the scientific debate and awareness about developmental Brain Malformations and Corpus Callosum Disorders.
  • Provide scientific information related to the topic for both scientific researchers and families. 
  • Facilitate interaction among researchers and families of patients in the international community. 
  • Generate informational tools (e.g. videos) to address questions from the community (compiled by The Bridge).   





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