United States

Lynn K. Paul, PhD, is a Senior Research Scientist at California Institute of Technology and a Research Professor at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. Dr Paul‘s research is broadly focused on understanding the role that cortical connectivity plays in development of higher-order social cognition and the brain‘s capacity for reorganization during development. At Caltech, she directs research programs studying brain structure, cognition and social processing in dysgenesis of the corpus callosum and hemispherectomy. Dr Paul was the founding president of the National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum (NODCC), and serves as a scientific advisor to AusDoCC and Corpal. She has co-authored two children‘s books about callosal agenesis: "ACC and Me" and "Emme and Me." Finally, Dr Paul maintains a clinical psychology practice in Pasadena (L.K.Paul and Associates), where she sees adult outpatient psychotherapy clients and conducts neuropsychological assessments on individuals with callosal dysgenesis.